Radiation Protection

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B/C/E. Radiation Protection and Homeland Security

Through the first three CIRMS “Needs Reports” (1994, 1998 and 2001), CIRMS maintained a distinction between its then subcommittees on Public and Environmental Radiation Protection (PERP) and Occupational Radiation Protection (ORP). Measurement program descriptions (MPD’s) were generated by both of these subcommittees: PERP’s were designated with a “B” and ORP’s with a “C.” Numerical designations came out of line as different MPD’s were generated. One has to go back to these earlier documents which can be found on the CIRMS web site to see these. By the 2004 “Needs Report,” CIRMS had melded the PERP and ORP subcommittees into one and augmented their needs with a growing need for metrology as required by the newly formed Department of Homeland Security.

Background information on PERP/ORP, taken from the fourth “Needs Report” (2004) can be found in Appendix F and in the history of CIRMS, Appendix B. The MPD’s which the combined PERP/ORP/Homeland Security subcommittee seeks to maintain are listed below:

TODO items:

  • Find out NRC release limits for nuclide contamination interest
  • Increase participation of NRC and DHS/DNDO in CIRMS

Emerging Areas:

  • Prompt gamma and prompt neutron applications and dosimetry
  • Alpha/Beta Standards for contamination
  • Measurements of Incinerator Products (Biological Waste)

Existing MPD’s:

B.7.2 Traceability to NIST for Reference, Monitoring and Service Laboratories

B.8.2 Sorption of Radioactive Elements in Contaminated Soils and Sediments and Urban Structural and Other Materials

B.9.2 Atom-Counting Measurement Techniques for Environmental Monitoring

C.3.4 Intercomparison Transfer Standards for Neutron Source Calibrations

C.4.4 Improvements in In-Vivo Radionuclide Metrology

C.17.3 Improved Radiation Measurement Infrastructure for Occupational Radiation Protection

C.20.2 Implementation of Support for Personnel Dosimetry Proficiency Testing per ANSI N13.11

E.1.1 Emergency Radiological Response Metrology Infrastructure

New MPD’s:

C.21.0 Measurement and Calibration Methods for Surface Contamination Monitoring

E.4.0 Traceability for High Energy Photon Dosimetry for Non-Intrusive Inspection Systems

E.5.0 Traceability of Neutron Cross Sections, Measurements, and Detector Development