Implementation of Support for Personnel Dosimetry Proficiency Testing per ANSI N13.11

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Objective for MPD C.20.2

  • Support the implementation of proficiency testing under criteria developed for ANSI N13.11 (Note: ANSI N13.11-2009 has been recently published and is now in effect).

Background: Proficiency testing of dosimetry systems is required by both the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for dosimetry of record for radiation workers. In the past the criteria and needs for the NRC and DOE have been different and covered in different standards; American National Standards Institute (ANSI) N13.11 for the NRC and an internal DOE standard for DOE. The most recent revision of ANSI N 13.11 incorporates both agencies’ requirements thus providing a single set of criteria for proficiency testing in the US for dosimetry systems. The testing requires carefully defined criteria for sources, geometries, irradiation procedures, conversion coefficients, etc. in order to provide a fair test of the candidate dosimeters. It is important that the users, the standards laboratories and the standard developers exchange information to provide a realistic and equitable basis for testing. As the proficiency testing evolves it is important to identify needed studies to improve the technical basis for the program and assist with the implementation. CIRMS has had information exchanges for the two revisions of the dosimetry accreditation program (based on revisions to ANSI N13.11) that have occurred in recent years. It is important that such exchanges continue to occur and identify this need in a separate MPD will provide more visibility for support of the proficiency testing program.

Action Items:

1 – To implement revisions of the ANSI N 13.11 standard, the following must be addressed:

     a) Methods for dealing with multiple sources of exposure.
     b) Sharing of test data to validate the new test categories in order to shorten the  
         pilot test phase.
     c) Ways to deal with the thermal neutron component of exposures.
     d) Methods for dealing with low dose exposures and fading.
     e) Testing at high energies for both neutrons and photons.

Resource Requirements:

1 – Periodic meeting must be held to follow through on the details involved in implementing ANSI N 13.11. Funding for such meetings should be <$50,000.

2 – To address the issues highlighted above requires one person-year of support over the next three year time frame. Such support can be divided between NIST and the proficiency test laboratories during the implementation of the new criteria. Subsequently, continuing support of 1/4 person-year will be needed.