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When beginning a business, it’s a typical false impression that everyone is a possible customer. Assuming this is not only inaccurate, it can be dangerous for business. The reality is, only sure people will purchase from you. And the way in which you outline this group - your target market - affects nearly every other business resolution you make.

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As part of the market analysis and segmentation process, you may find it helpful to develop buyer profiles as a approach to describe the "typical" member of a target market group. Remember, although, that you're describing basic traits about this focused group. Different people and groups, those outside your target market, can also buy your product.

At the top of the gross sales funnel are all the unqualified gross sales leads and gross sales ideas that are generated by the advertising and marketing division or salesmen using the strategies mentioned on the previous web page. As the salesmen continues to work their approach down the funnel -- making first contact, evaluating choices and negotiating costs -- many of these preliminary leads will drop away.